• hilltop voGUe X the Vintage Vagabond Wardrobe House

    Its spring and we are so thankful to bring out the pastel frocks and wicker sun hats in the house. There is a light buzz and fresh energy about 14th street on the weekends. Brunchers, shoppers and wonderers alike are making their way up our stairs and discovering the humble apartment space the Vintage Vagabond calls home. We are excited to announce our committed weekend hours to the district. 

    We are even more excited to have partnered with our local community through Georgetown's premiere fashion society, hilltop voGUe. A student run organization that aims to engage students in fashion dialogue through original onlione content. hilltop voGUe celebrates the entire scope of what the area has to offer in fashion so they reached out to us to connect students with vintage fashion. 

    Visitors sipped on limeade and explored the space and racked up on some cool vintage finds. hilltop voGUe's Caroline Ambers modeled in some of our favorite pieces while photographer, Mollie Doyle snapped away. 

    Although Caroline is studying journalism, her natural relationship with the camera comes from her theater background. She posed in our 80s metallic thread black sheer dress and 60s mod black bucket hat (above). Below she is wearing our romantic 30s french silk peach nightgown. All items are available for purchase directly in house. 

    The student society's goal is to expose all types of fashion on campus and refuse to be known as the salmon shorts & pastel oxford wearing campus. They aim to connect students to the professional and recreational fashion community thriving in the district. Its nice to know our future fashionistas are approaching the industry with such an open mind.